Dear SAP,

Is it just me, or does technology get flashier every five minutes? My retail company doesn’t need ultra trendy functionality – just a business management solution with basic functionality. I think we’d look silly in anything else. Besides, I have no idea how fast we’ll outgrow our solution. Any ideas?

– Sensible

Dear Sensible,

Like blue jeans, some technology never goes out of style. Choose wisely, and your business management solution will continue to work for you no matter how quickly your business grows.

SAP Business One has a solution that’s designed to focus on your critical business functions – like accounting, finance, and sales. Yes, I said SAP. Despite the fact that most people think of SAP for enterprise solutions, more than 77% of SAP customers are small-to-midsize businesses like yours. At last count, that’s 80,000 companies in [38 countries in 25 industries.

Plus, you can be up and running in just two to eight weeks with SAP Business One Cloud. This cloud-based solution delivers a lower TCO by eliminating the time, cost, and resources needed to host and maintain the software. Best of all, it gives you a sleek, no nonsense look that you’ll still feel great about years from now.

For more details visit iStrat Solutions: SAP Business One

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