ERP – Enterprise Resource Management. The term generally applies to large companies that need a way to maintain visibility on all their operations. Your company, like the majority of Canadian companies, is likely a small business. A start up. Though you have visibility of your organization, your processes are most likely manual, because you decided you didn’t need to implement many different costly solutions to cover your many different organizational needs.

And you’re absolutely right.

You don’t need disintegrated costly solutions. But how much longer can you really sustain your manual processes? And wouldn’t life be so much easier if you had one simple solution that covered your major business functions? You’d be able to access it using a mobile app, it would provide you with all the key analytics needed to make stronger, better-informed decisions, and it would be way more affordable than all the disintegrated solutions you’ve been considering!

iStrat Solutions is proud to present the SAP Business One Starter package. The affordable, easy to implement and use, convenient solution. We can’t list all the amazing features here but feel free to call or email us or book a demo online.

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