iStrat Real Estate (iStratRE), offers our customers a fully integrated end-to-end solution. Information integration is key to providing timely, value added information for decision making and for the optimal operation of a company.  We have developed  integrated solutions that help our clients of all sizes in various industries and sectors.  The seamless integration of the front-office (portal) and the back office component (ERP) provide our clients with a complete solution meeting all their real estate needs.

iStratRE covers all aspects of a Real Estate Business. Different login and account options allow users to obtain personalized information. The platform enables Property Managers, Tenants, Agents, Agencies, Owners, Sellers, Buyers and Builders to do their daily tasks on the system. While the agencies and agents create listings and talk to their customers, Property managers and tenants can use the system for numerous inquiries, including maintenance, renovation, cleaning, Account payments, account statement inquiries  etc.  

iStratRE Features


All business requirements in one Solution. iStratRE is a fully integrated Real Estate solution that records every part of the business seamlessly.


You can reach all of the data anytime anywhere with iStratRE. We make your life easier with timely data and reporting.


The users can set up and review the announcements, events, appointments and any updates on the website.

Financial Transactions

iStratRE has a fast and secure system for making online transactions.

Residents & Property Managers

Work Orders

Events Calendar

Bulletin / Posts

Online Shop

E-mail Notifications

Access Control

Online Payments

Online Chat

Online Account Statements

user capabilities

 iStrat RE serves as an online store for users looking for renting, buying, or service inquiries where they can choose the item and proceed with checkout on the site. Our solution enables different capabilities according to the user where they can visualize their financials directly from the website.