At iStrat Solutions, we are determined to create excellent customer satisfaction by developing the most Innovative, Integrated, Strategized, and Optimized solutions explicitly tailored to our customers. We focus on our customer’s needs and to develop best-in-class solutions. 

Our solutions leverage several mature and leading-edge technologies and tools to provide Timely, Insightful Value-added information to aid in decision making. iStrat Solutions is a one-stop-shop for enterprises to find all their business software needs, from Microsoft 365 deployment to ERP system implementation. Our comprehensive offerings help us integrate all the systems and provide responsive solutions. 

  • Our Business Analytics Solutions cover the main departmental reporting requirements (HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, etc. ) and customized solutions that can be created to meet individual clients’ unique analytics requirements.
  • Our E-forms and Data Management solutions help our customers to access timely data easily and process and use it most reliably. 
  • Our SME ERP Solutions provides organizations with an integrated, intuitive, user-friendly environment for managing their business operations.
  • Our Cloud & Hosting solutions ensure that our customers have 24/7 protected and available data.
  • Our E-Commerce & Website Design solution offers modern, integrated and responsive channels for our customers to showcase their business.
  • Our Cybersecurity Solution offers complete protection from dangerous cyber threats with the latest technology.