iStrat Solutions offers Electronic Forms and Data Management solutions. We support the deployment of e-forms in different platforms for data record and management. We aim to ease the data capturing process, create a more reliable database, minimize errors, and enable the data with fully integrated solutions.

We create and automate complete business processes for our customers so that they use the most updated, innovative and practical business software solutions.


We create the electronic version of your standard forms or build it with you from scratch. Electronic forms enable our customers to effortlessly access the required information from the targeted audience. It makes it easier for you and the user to communicate and process information/documents. 

Data Management

We automatically gather the data from filled forms or polls from various sources and scan for possible errors. Store, arrange, and manage all the documents while making them accessible anywhere you go through your phone, tablet and computer. 

Seamlessly integrate, manage and use your data in the most efficient way.

Complete Integration

INTEGRATION is a critical element of our Mantra. One of our primary goals is to provide fully integrated solutions to our clients. 

We integrate the data collected and managed from e-forms into SAP (ERP solution) and our Analytics platforms. Integration of the data and SAP allows our customers to see and track the information for each user and update any progress if necessary. Our analytics solution helps customers visualize and analyze this data to build successful strategies.