"Intelligent enterprises are integrated enterprises"

They apply advanced technologies and best practices within agile, integrated business processes

Intelligent Sustainable Enterprises model (SAP)

Our Digitalization Toolset

Our Digitalization toolset consists of the following key components:

Fully integrated enterprise resource planning solutions (EFP) from SAP

Coupled with tightly integrated Executive Analytics and Operational Analytics solutions.

This is complemented by our customized Web Solutions which are seamlessly integrated with the ERP Solutions.

Our Best-in-class Technical Expertise services focused on cloud based technologies, complete our Digitalization tools.

Enterprise Resource Planning

An ERP solution must be an integral part of your digitalization strategy.  an ERP solution significantly increases overall performance, enhances operations and guarantees business agility. 

To manage your company’s business operations, utilize the best ERP/SAP solution in the market with iStrat Solutions as your partner. Drive revenue growth by streamlining essential business procedures, gaining in-depth knowledge about your company, and making decisions based on timely data.

While transforming into an intelligent company is exciting, we understand that changing all your business operating systems is not easy. At iStrat Solutions, we made it our mission to provide our customers with the easiest, individually tailored, and most efficient transition. 

Also, we are very well aware that the requirements and need vary  by industries,  We will guide you through digitalizaton in industries such as Medical, Real-Estate, Oil & Gas, CPG, Retail, etc.. 



  • Key Performance Indicators:
    • Revenue
    • Gross Profit
    • Gross Profit %
    • Operating Expenses
    • Net Profit
    • EBIT
    • Ebit %
    • EBITDA
    • EBITDA %
  • Net Profit by Channel
  • Profit and Loss by Month
  • Sales By Channel
  • …..


  • Key Performance Indicators
    • Revenue
    • Cost of Goods Sold
    • Gross Profit
    • Operating Expenses
    • Net Profit
  • Profit & Loss by Channel / LOB / Product/Year / Quarter / Month
  • Revenue/Revenue by channel/LOB/Product
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) by Channel / LOB / Product / year / quarter / month


  • Key Performance Indicators:
    • Warehouse Costs
    • Transportation Costs
    • Sales Orders
    • Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
    • Days Payable outstanding
    • Total Supply Chain Costs
    • Sales $
    • Supply Chain Cost to Sales Ratio
  • Supply chain costs by general ledger account
  • …..


  • Key Performance Indicators:
    • Total Staff
    • Total Female Staff
    • Total Male Staff
    • Average Age
  • Staff by Region
  • Gender by age Group
  • Gender by Branch
  • Staffy by Level
  • Staff by Group
  • Salary Analysis
  • Performance Review Analysis
  • Geographic Analysis
  • …..


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