Insightful Analytics

Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)


  • Key Performance Indicators:
    • Total Staff
    • Total Female Staff
    • Total Male Staff
    • Average Age
  • Staff by Region
  • Gender by age Group
  • Gender by Branch
  • Staffy by Level
  • Staff by Group


  • Key Performance Indicators:
    • Total Female Staff
    • Total Male Staff
  • Gender Statistics
  • Geographic distribution
  • Staff group by region
  • Employee start by year


  • Key Performance Indicators:
    • Total Salary Expenses per month
    • Average Monthly Staff Salary
  • Monthly Total Salary by Branch and Gender
  • monthly Total Salary by Region
  • Average Monthly Salary by Staff Group
  • Monthly Salary by Gender
  • Employee salary details

Performance Review

  • Key Performance Indicators:
    • Total number of Review
  • Reviews by Nationality
  • Reviews by Job Title
  • Reviews by year
  • Reviews by Region
  • Reviews by Employee
  • Review by employee details

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