Meet iVend Retail. iVend Retail is an enterprise-class, omnichannel retail management solution designed for SME Retailers that works alongside many common ERPs. iVend Retail is used in over 1,500 shops in 85+ countries to empower retailers to better manage their day-to-day store operations. iVend Retail is the most complete out of the box omnichannel solution, covering everything from Point of Sale to back office to head office operations with integrated mobile POS, eCommerce, digital coupons, passes and a customer loyalty program. iVend Retail can be set up for a single store or for a geography-spanning, multi-store environment. iVend Retail automates the entire retail processes, virtually eliminating paperwork and helping retailers increase revenue, build customer loyalty, reach new customers and lower their operating costs.

Product Portfolio


iVend POS

Move beyond processing transactions, to empowering experiences that increase sales 
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iVend Loyalty

Build a loyalty program that keeps your customers coming back 
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iVend Passes

Send digital coupons, offers and loyalty cards to any smartphone user 
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iVend Mobile POS

Transport your in-store environment via any Android or iOS device 
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iVend eCommerce

Start selling online in no time with a customized web-store
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iVend Reporting & Analytics

Gain actionable insights into your business performance

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SAP Business One

iVend Retail & SAP Business One Integration

The Benefits

5% increase in sales due to click and collect functionality

4% (of sales) savings in inventory carrying costs

Over 10% increase in sales due to assisted selling using mPOS

10% increase in sales due to use of loyalty or CRM data