Simplicity at work – with the Boyum Pack from Boyum IT
SAP Business One is a system that is built for a wide range of customers and
industries – which is great for SAP but what about you?
Your business is unique – we understand that. You have special processes and
rules which out-of-the-box SAP Business One cannot fulfil. This is where
customization comes into place. Now, we know that when you hear the word
“customization” and you know there’s going to be an added cost to it. Every
single customization cost you a lot.
So, what if there was a product which could do most of your customizations but
you would only pay once?! Now, that’s something worth knowing about.

With the Boyum Pack you can:
• Automate processes which used to be manual before.
• Design SAP Business One to your own needs without being a developer.
• Create new business processes at ease.
• Control your data quality and automate data entry.
• Reduce your paper consumption to the minimum and automate your
communication with your customers and suppliers.
• Integrate your Email Marketing with SAP Business One with using one of the
most sophisticated and easy-to-use newsletter system.

• Monitor and administer your attached files more closely (e.g.ISO
certifications) and enrich them with associations to SAP projects, profit
centers, documents etc.
• Track your employees time and travel and invoice your customers for different
work done.
And much much more….