SAP Business One For Professional Services


We understand the many challenges for professional service companies. What’s important is that you have an end to end view of your business – from customer relationship management – sales and marketing information, forecasts and order history, to the ability to identify your most profitable customers that may offer repeat business opportunities.

We also know that with greater insight into your business, you can forecast opportunities to grow and become more profitable. But how do you achieve all of this with limited budget?

SAP Business One from iStrat Solutions is the easy way to run your growing business, it’s a flexible, affordable, integrated application designed specifically for professional services businesses. It is able to support your business and suppliers at multiple locations. And to help you manage your capital or operating costs, SAP Business One is available as an on premise option or via the cloud, so you are in control at all times.

Now it is possible to have a 360 view of your business, you can even create reports and analyse all aspects of your company without the need for expensive IT consultants, anytime, anywhere and via any mobile device.

Discover how SAP Business One helped ICC Cricket World Cup project manage all aspects of the world cup cricket tournament in Australia and New Zealand, with its unique challenges of tight timeline and need for accurate real-time ticket sale reports.

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So this is retail…

Trends are pointing towards digitalization of businesses in many ways. Digitalization is changing the way we do business, and the way we carry out our personal daily transactions. These days, it feels like there’s an app for everything. From ride-sharing apps changing your commute to your favourite non-pizza establishments delivering right to your door-step with the tap of finger.

Though it’s getting harder for more traditional establishments to compete, they’re far from becoming obsolete. Traditional brick and mortar stores, for example, can remain competitive by adapting to digitalization trends in order to enhance the customer experience. Offering options to pick up in store or have the items delivered to the customer can help businesses add convenience to their overall product offering.

Many store owners may fear digitalization. Managing it in a disintegrated way can, however, be daunting and stressful for the store owners. iStrat Commerce offers retail store owners a way to further automate the process of managing their sales. Integrating the online storefront with the backend ERP solution can help simplify the processes and effectively help them grow.

What are your thoughts on this? Contact us to share your thoughts or learn more about iStrat Commerce.

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How to Tackle Challenges Faced by Distribution Companies

According to Tracey Heinz or RDXsports, there are 4 key challenges facing modern distributors. Globalization and technological trends allow manufacturers and retailers to rely on their own distribution networks. How are distribution companies expected to sustain profitability? We will address the challenges mentioned in this article in a condensed format. There’s no denying that companies are required to keep up with changes in the digital transformation space. Getting your company tech-savvy may seem like a huge undertaking, but the whole process of digitalization is actually much simpler than you may think. And it can help distribution companies tackle the challenges outlined below.

Inventory Management and Disintermediation

Inventory Management as a “complex problem” is a thing of the past. SAP Business One Cloud will help you manage your inventory by bin location, warehouse, etc. so you can keep the most accurate records on hand. With the mobile app, you can very conveniently access this information in real-time and on-the-go. These statements are an oversimplification of the solution. For more information, click here and contact us.

SAP Business One is so much more than a simple inventory management software though. Since it’s one solution that covers inventory, purchasing, sales, HR, finance and more business functions, it aims to reduce a company’s total cost of ownership; thereby allowing companies to invest in more innovative and strategic growth. Distribution companies can benefit from this significantly as they’d be able to offer retailers competitive prices with more value (services, etc. that they offer).

E-commerce Takeover and Demanding Customers

Times are changing. More businesses are moving online. Millenials, who grew up on technology, are changing the standards for how business is conducted. Amazon, for example, has taken out many brick and mortar establishments. Distribution companies would need a solid e-commerce solution to effectively compete in today’s marketplace. If companies are unable to adapt to the shift in the way business is done, they will struggle to differentiate themselves with their competitors. Having a customer friendly storefront is just the first step to competing with other distributors. Our solution iStratCommerce will ensure you are presenting your best-self online and provide the integration with your back-end ERP to streamline the sales and inventory management processes.

This is an oversimplification of the value that can be derived from integrated software solutions like SAP Business One and iStrat Commerce. For more information, contact us or book a demo today!

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Manage your Startup Business with SAP Business One Starter Pack

ATTENTION SME’S!! We have a business management solution specifically designed for you. Call us today to learn more

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Run your growing business smarter, faster, and simpler

Speed and agility are vital to outmaneuvering larger competitors with greater resources. You need to understand the implications of every decision and action without losing momentum – or losing sight of your vision.

That’s why over 55,000 start-ups, scale-ups and subsidiaries worldwide trust the SAP Business One® application to manage their finances, sales, customers, purchasing, inventory and production planning. And now that performance can be supercharged with SAP Business One version for SAP HANA®, bringing the power of in-memory computing to application performance and Big Data analysis. SAP Business One version for SAP HANA puts as-it-happens business insights into decision makers’ hands, to help them define and focus on the right priorities. With a single platform for analytics and transactions, you can solve the seemingly unsolvable with real-time simulation and planning, and measurably boost the performance of all your key business processes.

Empower your employees to become more productive with information search capabilities and interactive analyses, and the ability to execute business tasks on the go from their mobile device. You won’t experience any dip in performance as your workforce grows and more users access the software concurrently. And it’s an opportunity to simplify your IT landscape with a single, streamlined solution that gives you big business value at a small business price.

Unlock valuable business insights

SAP Business One version for SAP HANA transforms reporting by searching your SAP Business One application data to give you the answers you need right now. Locate business data or transactional information as quickly easily as you would search the internet, then filter, sort and drill down into the results. Reports that used to take hours or days to run are compiled in minutes, if not seconds. And no matter how much data your business accumulates from any source, you can run highly complex and data-intensive analyses in real-time. Benefit from embedded analytics to gain live, incontext insights instantaneously, to inform decision-making at the moment of truth or the point of transaction, and gain deeper insight into the past, present and future of your business.

Keep your customer promises

SAP Business One version for SAP HANA includes an advanced available to promise (ATP) app that provides real-time visibility into current inventory, ordered stock, replenished stock and stock being delivered. You can immediately reserve current stock for future delivery dates and reschedule existing orders on the fly. Embed dashboards in transaction screens so front-line employees can see the data they need to make business decisions in the moment, such as customer purchasing habits or creditworthiness. Equip your sales personnel to make intuitive product recommendations from within orders and quotations based on the customer’s buying history and what similar customers were interested in.

See your cash position at a glance

For growing businesses, the quality of cash flow forecasting can make the difference between thriving or closing for good. SAP Business One version for SAP HANA includes a cash flow forecasting app that dramatically improves your cash balance visibility. In a few clicks, you can configure the calculations to track the moving parts of your cash flow: sales orders, purchase orders, down payments, recurrent postings and other critical cash-related transactions. The end result is a clear snapshot of your cash balance, taking into account thousands of documents, accounts, orders and payments, so you can ensure you have the cash you need to run your business and seize new opportunities.

Easy on the IT

SAP Business One version for SAP HANA lets you run your business on a single, affordable enterprise solution that will scale as your enterprise grows. It simplifies your IT landscape by taking advantage of in-memory computing and by delivering application, database and integration services in one platform. It will transform the efficiency of your IT team by eliminating the time-consuming data preparation, pre-aggregation and tuning tasks demanded by traditional reporting and analytics tools, while empowering business users to do more on their own. SAP Business One version for SAP HANA eliminates the layers of complexities and unnecessary business costs typical of legacy IT architecture, so your business can run simper as well as smarter. With less hardware and maintenance than traditional database solutions, you can expect lower Total Cost of Ownership, too.

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Using Cloud capabilities for Competitive Advantage

The International Data Corporation, the premier global market intelligence firm, IDC’s, info brief sponsored by SAP, outlines the many advantages of cloud computing for SME’s. Accessibility of information, reduced costs and improved performance are a few of the factors that give small and medium-sized businesses a competitive advantage if they choose to use cloud computing.

Going beyond storage, Cloud computing is used by SME’s primarily for collaboration software. Ecommerce and Analytics, business intelligence, ERP and CRM softwares – all offer cloud options so companies can easily manage their documents and information, anywhere and anytime. Click here to learn more about how businesses benefit from cloud computing.

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MBOT and iStrat Solutions

iStrat Solutions is happy to announce that we are now members of the Mississauga Board of Trade. Keep an eye out on or socials to see what events we’ll be participating in. We look forward to engaging actively with MBOT and its members.

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