This time let us make a bold impression by starting with a quote from Heraclitus 😊. As he said, “There is nothing permanent except change.” It is big, but an absolutely true cliché. The reason we are starting with such a bold statement is that we are going through a substantial change in our company. Like everything else, our logo got its fair share from the technological shift. 

We thought that our logo no longer fully represented our brand, therefore, we have decided to make a big innovation in this regard. 

Over time, like many companies, there have been some changes in our goals, ideals, values, and statements. Since our company operations are framed around technology, we have become more focused on technological enhancements and developments. At the same time, our target audience has grown since the establishment of the company. Today we do business not only in Canada but in numerous other countries. 

As change led us to improve, implement and expand, it also made us realize that we are ready to open a whole new chapter with our company. What better way to do this than by renewing a logo that represents our enhanced values, operations, and identity.  

Although the familiarity brought by the years and our spiritual bond with our old logo made it a little difficult for us to start this process, we are aware of the need for change and are thrilled to be introducing you to our brand-new logo. 


In line with what we do best, the main color of our logo had to be blue, the color that first comes to mind when we talk about technology. Apart from that, we started this process with an incredibly open mind. We had the chance to examine 200 different logo designs. We limited the candidates by choosing the logos that we felt closer to, which we thought reflected our company’s purpose and values and finally added the last touches. To further elaborate, the square in the top center of our logo represents the dot of iStrat Solutions’ I. With the same color, the rest of the dark blue represents S.  

We do not want to take so much of your time talking about the creative thought behind the new logo or the meaning of each and every angle and curve. This post aimed to inform you of the change so you would not be surprised when you see our new logo on our social media accounts or our web page. We are trying our best to finish this transition process as quickly as possible.  


Thank you for reading the blog! 

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