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Our New Logo

A Brand New Us! This time let us make a bold impression by starting with a quote from Heraclitus . As he said, “There is nothing permanent except change.” It is big, but an absolutely true cliché. The reason we are starting with such a bold statement is that we are going through a substantial change in our company. Like everything else, our logo got its fair share from the technological shift.  We thought that our logo no longer fully represented our brand, therefore, we have […]

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Is your company ready for the future?

Small and midsize business crisis management Findings from Oxford Economics Research Our brains typically make future choices and plans regarding our prior experiences. However, we cannot rely on previous occasions to guide our decision-making when the future is uncertain or experiencing something new. The continued uncertainty and the lack of knowledge can be one of the biggest causes of our stress and anxiety. According to Gorka et al., various anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, […]

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The Agility Engine

The Importance of Information Technology (IT) in Developing Small and Medium-Sized Businesses for Success in the Next Economy Findings from SAP and Oxford Economics Research A thriving small and medium-scale business sector is essential for a strong market economy. Also known as SMEs, these businesses account for more than 99% of all firms worldwide. The Government of Canada acknowledges the organizations that have up to 99 employees as small and the ones that […]

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